The Institute of Modern Etiquette

Is a unique premier lifestyle training Institute focusing on soft and self-development. Your personal enhancement in refinement, elegance, sophistication, decorum and finishing is our discovery.

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Cinque Terre

Sarah Shousha


Siama’s training gave me the confidence to feel elegant, tall and beautiful on my wedding day and beyond. Without her I would not have come across with the level of grace that was noted by my guests and husband. My husband has asked me to maintain the high levels of etiquette I have reached. Before I used to always be in a rush and enjoy my fun packed life and meals without giving much attention to etiquette and deportment but Siama has truly transformed me.

Cinque Terre

Ghywna El Mir


I attended IOME etiquette workshop it was such a delightful experience to go though. Not only was the workshop completely practical, it was entertaining to learn new refined ways and styles for enhancing oneself but more importantly to helped me to identify and overcome insecurities. We learned from starting conversation, hosting a dinner party, with valuable information and tips on our daily routine. It helped me re-discover myself again.

Cinque Terre

Nigel Presiner


Beyond anything, it is sense of reconnected and regaining your mastery of your own body and movements - rediscovering grace within yourself, realising what you are constantly communicating through nuances of movement - even how you east a sandwich decently or use a cellphone. This goes well beyond any book of 'Body Language explained' - it is 'next level' learning. The bending and twisting and walking and 'stance'' connect me back with my own body that was disconnected - but I also realise dozens of things you subtly communicate other than the 'obvious ' (hands on hops are intimidating, don't pick your nose etc)

Why Attend?

At Institute of Modern Etiquette "IOME" we identify and discover your bad habits, break them and develop new refined habits that give you a polished and beautiful appearance for elegance and sophistication to be presented in all that you do.
We at Institute of Modern Etiquette specialize in enhancing savoir faire, elocution, social ladies, gentleman etiquette, bridal etiquette, corporate protocol, boardroom business precedence and with world class finishing we have also introduced on a corporate level, hotel hospitality and university with youth school etiquette.

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Your voyage to a poised, refined and elegant YOU


Cinque Terre

Who is it for?

  • Professional ladies & gentleman looking to enhance their elegance, decorum, their delivery of themselves, for a career promotion and need preparation
  • Professionals wanting to reduce their accents, and be able to blend into society easily
  • Ladies & gentleman looking to refine their social grace, sophistication, image and styling, posture control (deportment)
  • University and youth preparation on social grace, politeness and high class cultural etiquette for entry into society
  • Brides that want to beautify
  • their presence on their big day whilst wearing their beautiful wedding dress in stage walking
  • how they present themselves to their guests
  • holding poise & grace
  • table manners & eating
  • Hoteliers
  • First class polishing with mystery review of:
  • Maître d'hôtel
  • Room hospitality
  • Customer service

What does it include?

As a client in IOME we require you to be willing to learn, be enthusiastic about your self-discovery and have a positive attitude to making the change.
Our mission is Intelligent Beauty, your inner beauty needs to be cultivated and harnessed for total transformation to radiate outwards for society to experience.


Who we are?

IOME was founded by Siama Qadar, her passion is to teach, teach traditional etiquette and finishing that has been diluted or lost in our evolving society. Manners, decorum and social conduct make a big impression on individuals. It is therefore, essential social etiquette is a self-development to beautify yourself.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre